Question: Why did you create FightMatch?

Answer: We are fighters ourselves and we were tired of struggling to find fights or even getting to the event only to find out we didn't have a matchup.

Question: I registered for FightMatch but can't seem to do much on it why is that?

Answer: Most of the features of FightMatch are reserved for our fighters, trainers, and promoters with approved profiles. If you just did the initial registration then you most likely need to complete your full profile and get approved as a fighter, trainer, or promoter to access our database and chat with our members.

Question: Why fighting styles do you help match fighters for?

Answer: All styles from boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, jiu jitsu, judo, wrestling, and really any combative sport.

Question: Why do you require members to either be a fighter, sparring partner, trainer, or fight promoter?

Answer: No offense to everyone else (that isn't a fighter, sparring partner, trainer, or fight promoter), but there are already places you can go online to chat with them. The beauty behind FightMatch is that all the members are your peers and all of them have something to offer fighters.

Question: Why didn't you accept me because I am a fighter, sparring partner, trainer, or promoter?

Answer: It's a subjective review so the best thing to do is to contact us and explain why you believe we made a mistake and that you should be approved for FightMatch.

Question: What are FightMatch points and how do I get more?

Answer: FightMatch points are rewards that we give to members that impact things like where they show in the fighter search results (the more points the higher you will rank when people search for fighters in your area). There are lots of other possible uses for points as we move forward including the possibility of giveaways. You can get more by using the site more and immediately by inviting people to join FightMatch using our invitation system.

Question: There are no fights listed in my area what good is FightMatch to me?

Answer: Glad you asked! One of the best parts about FightMatch is meeting fighters in your area that you can either talk strategy with or hopefully you can meet up with them for sparring sessions. Whether there are fights listed in your area or not, you can still get a ton out of FightMatch.

Question: There are not very many fighters listed in my area, what are you doing about that?

Answer: We are constantly reaching out to gyms and fighters to bring them online, but one of the best things you can do is to tell every fighter you know about

Question: How do I get another member's phone number or email address?

Answer: Well, you can't. You can see the phone number they listed for fight promoters but that normally is their gym or coach's contact number. Email addresses are only used for internal purposes but you are welcome to ask the other member for it in a FightMatch private chat session.

Question: How do I shut off the ability for other members to ping me to get me to come back online to chat?

Answer: First, we recommend that you leave that functionality on but if you must shut it off you can do so by going to your fighter profile and the styles tab that setting is right there.